Saturday, August 28, 2010

Amazingly easy and fun contest from Polyvore!

How much easier could it be to win $1000- create lots of fun sets with Polyvore! I call it the best contest around! Using any of the 100 items that I have picked out, create lots of sets that inspire you for fall style. The more sets you create the better your chance of winning the prize. Make sure you have a Polyvore account before you start, it is fun, easy and free!

Powered by Polyvore
For Bloggers interested in the Mini Editor: Go to the Install Mini Editor page and choose up to 100 items you love. Then ask and encourage your readers to create sets.
The blogger whose readers create the best sets will also win $1,000 dollars.

The official rules: One blogger and one reader will win. The criteria for selecting the best Mini Editor will be based 50% on how many sets readers submit and 50% on style and aesthetics. The winning blogger will select his or her favorite set created by a reader to also win $1,000. The winning blog and the winning set will also be featured on the Polyvore blog!

P.S Create lots of amazing sets!

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