Friday, July 16, 2010

Cool Blues & Browns

Looking out the windows of my house I see a vibrant green landscape and mountains, fields full of wildflowers, piercing blue sky and wisps of frothy clouds. This set of images is no less than the exact opposite of all that. In these photos you see flat land, gray sky, barren fields and leafless trees. Though not directly stated in each photo I am able to feel the crisp chill in the air and the grayness of it all. The deep-cool blues  paired with the biege of the fields and the brown of the twigs is such a calming combination. The idea of fall excites me, a time to get out your sweaters, eat hot food and play in the cornfields. If you are like me, enjoy dreaming about cool weather!

1. Madewell Midnight Blazer 2.Ginger + Liz Nail Polish 3. J.Crew Langford Platform High-Heel Oxfords 4. AnthropologieUber-Urbane Bag 5. J.Crew Silk Safari Blazer 6. Madewell Floating Cami mini-dress 7. Madewell Bits & Bobs Necklace

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