Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Eclectic Thing

Being eclectic is not necessarily a bad thing. Really there is a fine line between either putting two items together that are mismatched, and making it work or throwing odds and ends together with no care and looking sloppy.
Some people might think that being eclectic means that you are indecisive, that you cannot make up your mind about what you like and don't. I think being electic means that you have a love for many things and you are embracing it all.
There are different ways to 'do' eclective. Either you choose a color palette and focus in on it while choosing items that pull from it, not necessarily caring about if the items go, yet you still like them all. The other way is to choose any items you like; red floral rug, brown antique dresser, yellow modern Panton chair, citrus hued striped curtains and throw it all together because you love each piece for itself and that's the way you like it.
My style is not exactly eclectic but I do enjoy it whenever I see it in someone's home. If done right an eclectic style home can feel very warm and, well, homey.

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